He began working with the Museum Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato. -
'The Magnificat' returns to Florence after a long exposure at the Foundation Stauros of San Gabriel, Teramo. -
Collaborate in the competition for the preliminary design of a complex parish in Potenza, tendered by the Archbishop of Potenza-Muro Lucano-Marsiconuovo SE Aogustino Superbo with AAA Associated Architects, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Mimmo Palladino. -
In May the Hospital, Liturgical and Ecumenical Commission definitely accept the work ‘Treasury of Mercy - II° Sketch’ for the House of the Spirit New Meyer Pediatric Hospital of Florence. -

The opera 'Marriage Cross' (2007), was published in: The Catechism of flesh. Real body and Christian art ', by Timothy Verdon, ed. Cantagalli 2009, fig. 12. -
Commission for a Maternity for the Hospital Church of Torregalli in Florence. -
Cover of the latest book 'There is no future without solidarity' by Dionigi Tettamanzi, Bishop of Milan. Edizioni San Paolo, with the image of the work: He was in the world, but the world ...', May 2007 -
In May 2009 delivery to Cottolengo of Turin's work: Good Friday 2008. -

He is invited by Guarino Guarini - for decades - to make a conference entitled: Contemporary Art and Audience: the experience of a young artist. 22-23 May 2009. Santuario della Consolata, via M. Adelaide 2, Turin. -
In the early evening on RAI 3 has been presented by the Bishop of Milan, Dionigi Tettamanzi transmission 'Weather' by Fabio Fazio his last book, 'There is no future without solidarity'. Edizioni San Paolo, with the image of the Opera: 'He was in the world, but the world ...'. May 2007. -

In June, he is in the laboratory of Giuliano Vangi in Pesaro with Prof. Mons. Timothy Verdon. -
The opera 'Magnificat' has been used for the catalog of Sigma L2 that produces home accessories and lighting to high category. -

'Eruptio et fragor colorum. Explosions of color'. Pietrasanta (Lucca), Studio Art Riotto. 20 / 6 - 5/7/2009.

Series of lectures on 'Word and Image' promoted by the Archidiocese of Florence in 2009 presents the conference: 'The Mystery of Christ in contemporary'. -
He join at IV° International Art Meeting. Palace Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti, Pescia. June 16-July 12 2009. -
Collective 'Recycle, recreate, to the Expo'. Sassetti Gallery, Via Volturno 35 to 20,124 Milan. 1-11 October 2009. Exhibition organized by the Milanocosa by Gianni Pre. -
In September, prepare the sketches for the sculptural work for the Church of St. Maria Goretti in Turin. The request is transformed into a painting. -
The exhibition 'Recycle, recreate, to the Expo'. Sassetti Gallery, Via Volturno 35 to 20,124 in Milan, is extended until 31 October 2009.

Multimedia Gallery 9 Colonne / SPE / Il Resto del Carlino, Bologna - Via Boldrini 10. November 25-December 15 'to the Recycle recreating Expo', Gallery Sassetti. Association Milanocosa. -
The works 'Magnificat' and 'Family of God, Family of Man' are published in the book 'The Beauty of the Word' years C, of Timothy Verdon, ed. San Paolo. -
In November he joined as an artist, of the jury for the competition for schools in Turin on 'The Face and Body of Christ', St. Anselmo in the Project by the Association of Cultural Project and the Italian Episcopal Conference with the collaboration of the Embassy of Italy to the Holy See and the Piemonte Regional Education Office. -
In November becomes part of the Bureau of the 'IMAGO VERITATIS - Art as a Spiritual Path'. -
He meet Max Cole, who lives and works in Ruby in state of New York. -

Invitation by the Pontifical Council for Culture with the artists to participate in the meeting with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Cappella Sistina. 20-21 November 2009. -

'Family of God, Family of Man' is published on p. 128 in the book of Timothy Verdon 'Art in the life of the Church', Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

Join 'Luxury on the Lake'. 3-6 December 2009. Cernobbio, Como, at the stand of Ifi-Luxury. -
The 'Magnificat' was presented and commented on RAI 1 in transmission 'in His image'. Occasion was made a representation which will come in the place of Saxa Rubra. -
The Magazine of the IFI-LUXURY devotes an entire page to the presentation of his work in the December issue. -