The Contemplation of The Light of the World. Luce del Mondo- 26 giugno - 15 novembre 2014 Centro ecumenico arte e spiritualità Mount Tabor Villa Via Sacra, Via delle mura 12, Barga (LU).

From the catalogue 'Light of the world', Polistampa press, 2014. On display in the gallery of the villa Via Sacra is the work of two artists whose contemplation of the sacred is expressed in abstraction. The pursuit of abstraction has always been about one kind of purity or another pure form, pure color, pure paint. The establishment of the genre in the Early Modern era was accompanied by one artist’s manifesto after another, each declaring the transcendence of their ideal as they slipped the moorings of conventional content. Filippo Rossi and Susie Kanaga both draw inspiration for their work directly from their Christian faith. While contemplation of The Light of the World may well be beyond traditional figurative reference and the “things of this world,” both artists maintain their connection to the world we live in through their exuberant attention to surface. The elaborate layering of both traditional and non-traditional material, the distillation of form, and the focused application of color and texture found on the surfaces of their work recalls the loving labor of Renaissance or Medieval masters. The work of both artists invites the viewer to undertake the journey into the sacred, rooted in constructs of meaningful form and inspired to joyful abandon with radiant expanses of luminous gold leaf and uncompromised color. Rossi and Kanaga give clear reference to themes of hope and the celebration of the salvific intervention of created light into the pain and darkness of the world.