Domenico Montalto: 'Filippo Rossi, new icons'.
Article on 'Avvenire' of 29/12/2009 p. 33

Filippo Rossi, new icons
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Filippo Rossi, 39, is a talented artist from Florence, always sensitive to the themes of the sacred. Visiting Professor at Stanford University since 1997 collaboration with the office for catechesis through art of the diocese of Florence. His intense and rigorous research pictorial drafting new Christian iconography, "especially the basic saving sign of the cross, revisited often in the ancient form of tau" through the use of paper, canvas, jute and wood strips in a morphology that rejects the pedantry figurative opting for a formal language chaste, modest, and "poor" in the subjects but the sensuous and sumptuous at the iconic, as is evident in the lavish use of gold, with which Rossi actualizes the lesson of religious painting Tuscan medieval and proto Renaissance. Invited to major exhibitions, now working as an artist to the project of construction of the House Intercofessionale New Meyer Hospital in Florence, Filippo Rossi is also art historian and commentator. His recent effort in this field is the volume 'The ascent to Christ. Art of the Sacred Mountain yesterday and today ', written in collaboration with Mgr. Timothy Verdon and Lucetta Scaraffia and edited by the Committee Imago Veritatis (Leading Editions Novara, tel 0321.612571, pp. 110, euro 15). In "At the center the crucifix," the author gives us a sequence of dense 'reflections appear on the journey to the Cross', flower of teaching, commenting on some of his works, illustrated here in color. Un'autoreferenzialità not stone, but instead leads the reader in the heart of the work, working atmosphere and fervent prayer (in the photo: "Light Cross", wood and gold, the Diocesan Museum of Caltanissetta).

  Domenico Montalto