Letizia Cini in 'La Nazione', Friday, November 20, 2009, p. 11
The Character: Filippo Rossi. A young artist from Florence by the Pope.

CHARACTER: Filippo Rossi
A young artist from Florence by the Pope

A young artist named by the Pope is called Florentine, Filippo Rossi, born in 1970 was invited to the Vatican by Pope Benedict XVI, today and tomorrow (20-21 November 2009), in dialogue with the world of artists in the Sistine Chapel . "I'm happy and very excited" trusts. " Tomorrow morning (today for the reader's note.) Will start up early with my wife and my three sons, who 'work' with me in studio to share with them this wonderful moment. " Filippo Rossi (pictured, www.filipporossi.info) has worked for several churches and major projects. Among the awards, the entry for best art project for the competition Gei to build a new church in Prato and collaboration with Mimmo Palladino, Tomatoes for a church in power. Filippo Rossi. He made the city the Chapel of the Careggi Maternity in the House and is completing Interconfessio-tion of New Meyer. "I am among the very few young people invited by Pope Benedict XVI in the Sistine Chapel," concludes Smith ": in reality on 250 -300 artists, young people are a rarity." At forty-five from the meeting of Paul VI with the artists in the Sistine Chapel and ten from the letter addressed to them by Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI invited the art world for a dialogue that will take place right in the chapel frescoed by Michelangelo . The event will be broadcast by RAI 1 tomorrow at 10.50.

Letizia Cini