Giuseppe Billi, XIII Biennale of sacred art, S. Gabriele, Teramo, 2008. The text refers to the work 'Magnificat' by Filippo Rossi.

The large triptych by Filippo Rossi for the Magnificat expresses itself immediately into a ternary mobile-immobile ", as it was the biblical event today and how it revives its embodiment and its echo: Mary 's Angel and the Spirit. The album, Above is the "matter" of a God who fester for love. The "mother" of all is, basically, the idea that God "Farsi man to make us like Him" (St. Augustine). What can perceive the art of this mystery? How to do "voice" and "sign"? For Filippo Rossi is a sensitive inner vibrato, which can be translated into musical: everything becomes cosmic harmony "sacramental." Here are the three staves from which date back petals fall and gold. They are the seeds of God, fruitful, the father and son, Mary, made fruitful by the grace, too, is "mother and daughter", but in a purity that becomes absolute because it is the retributive "balanced" by God you, " the humble servant "that the Lord" looked "that is touched by his Spirit and" lifted [...] down the mighty from their thrones. " Noteworthy aspect actio Art of Philip Rossi. Meanwhile, the dialogical relationship of the panels, which move in synchrony of music is so "heard" that you need is a formal minimalism, without abandoning the "weight" spiritual and together, the sensitive "matter", which is readable and audible a lyrical symbolism. Yes, because the Magnificat is not just a song. Is the 'Amen' of the infinite silence of God, that Mary was doing "word" is the Logos! It's the idea, the "dream" of God who "made flesh".

Giuseppe Billi