Avvenire 24/05/2008 p.18. Mariapia Cavani. Article and publication of 'The Family of God, The Family of man', work by Filippo Rossi.

Modena, art reveals the beauty of the family in a competition and an exhibition so the archdiocese has "requested" the talents of authors of today MODENA MARIAPIA CAVANI L 'art rediscovers the beauty of love that is in our history families. And in the family that is the model of each other. Inaugurated on 9 May, is open until tomorrow at the 'Center Family of Nazareth "Sancta Familia di Modena, the exhibition of contemporary sacred art that presents the selected works eponymous contest, launched by the Counseling Center for Families?" during the ten years after the inauguration of the new building? " in collaboration with the Office diocesan ecclesiastical cultural heritage of Modena-Nonantola. "Today is sacred art?" Said Monsignor Timothy Verdon, historian of art ? " but with enormous difficulty. Many of them are measured: in a society now without ideologies, there are indeed alternatives to the strength of a system like religion. The activity of the artist in this field is then an expression of faith perceives beauty, interest and wishes to express his intuition, in a parallel path to faith. Art is the concrete expression of a mysterious research, which is the highest form of religious quest. " For this care of the Church of ModenaNonantola family was celebrated with an exhibition of sacred art. Two sections of the competition. Both winning entries. For the 'Under 25' has been awarded The birth of the family of Anastasia Kurakina. "The work?" Writes the jury? " was considered best for good artistic skill evident in the pictorial, for research and study of the fi-gure and composition, as well as the expressiveness and symbolism of the scene recalling the full theme of the competition. " For the category "artist" the jury decided to award first prize to the work of God, Family, Family of man Philip Rossi. "By choosing to reward an abstract, conceptual, based on the drafting matter, the jury and the same diocese of Modena want to send a positive signal of openness to contemporary art and a message of encouragement to the artists." The committee was chaired by Archbishop Giancarlo Santi, former director of the cultural heritage of the Italian Bishops Conference clergy. The jury members were: Timothy Verdon, director of catechesis through art of the Archdiocese of Florence, Alfonso Garuti, art historian, director of the diocesan clergy and cultural heritage of the Diocesan Museum of Carpi Don Adriano Tollara, Archbishop's delegate for the Cultural Heritage and director of the diocesan clergy of Modena-cultural Nonantola Michele Fire, art critic, facilitator and curator of exhibitions and art shows; Simona Roversi, art historian, Office diocesan ecclesiastical cultural heritage of Modena-Nonantola Paolo Ferrari, chairman of the board of directors of the Center Family of Nazareth. The other artists are participating in the collective Alessio Fortini, with the work and Elizabeth Benatti Nativity with Holy Family for the 'young' for 'artists' open dialogue with Luigi Bressan, Giovanna Barozzi with amplitude' and core, Anna Chiara Vaccari with Flight into Egypt, with no fear Begnozzi Rita Maria Giovanna Rosa Orlando Family together, Annamaria Trevisan with Holy Family. The hours of the exhibition: 10-12,30 and 1518.30. Info: 059.355386. After the close of the exhibition, the works will be exhibited temporarily at the Museo del Duomo di Modena and the Diocesan Museum of Nonantola.