VI Biannual International Contemporary Art - Florence. Biography of Filippo Rossi.

Florentine artist Filippo Rossi, since 1994 present in exhibits in major Italian, European cities and in the USA, in recent years has turned to themes derived from traditional religious art. Working in paper, pigments and gold leaf on canvas and wood, Rossi captures the humble intensity of Christian spiritual life in images at once concrete and abstract, materially 'poor', symbolically rich. In 2007 he created the altarpiece of the Maternity Ward Chapel at Careggi Hospital, Florence, and is currently preparing works for an Interfaith Chapel in the new Meyer Children's Hospital, also in Florence. He took courses at the Florence Accademy of Fine Arts. Filippo Rossi also has a degree in Art History from Florence University. Since 1997 he has worked for the Archdiocese of Florence, collaborating with art historian Timothy Verdon. He teaches courses in studio art and museology for Stanford University in Florence. Rossi has published exhibit catalogues, articles in journals and essays on artistic technique. He lives near Florence. More info are on his website: www.filipporossi.info.